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Herman J. Radtke III

PHP Standards

I think PHP desperately needs a standard.  I really admire Python's PEP process and especially PEP 8.  This is why I am really torn on the issue of openness within the PHP Standards Working Group.  Greg Beaver has been against a moderated group from the beginning.  Today, he made a public appeal for action and I think everyone who is involved in PHP should listen.  Whether you agree with Greg or not, get involved now.  Anyone who has been involved in the PHP community should realize the lasting effect of bad decisions.

My take on the issue: Every should have a right to vote.  I have no problem if a group comes together and creates a standard for the PHP language.  I realize there is a lot of noise on public lists and at the end of the day, something needs to get done.  However, the entire community should be able to vote on that standard before it becomes an official part of PHP.  PHP Standards Working Group: lead away, but remember at the end of the day you are working for us.