Herman J. Radtke III

I am a sociologist turned full stack engineer turned VP of Engineering at Nordstromrack.com | HauteLook in downtown Los Angeles. At one point, I designed and built most of the hypermedia API that drives the Nordstromrack.com | HauteLook website and mobile applications. I write PHP during the day at work and am a Rustacean at night. I spent a past life writing a lot of C and used that knowledge to help maintain the pecl/memcache and pecl/gearman extensions. I find myself with a renewed interest in systems programming, especially async IO.

Outside of technology, I enjoy homebrewing, hiking, camping and reading.

I also organize the Rust Log Angeles Meetup. Come join us if you are in the LA area and want to meet other people who are using Rust.

My contact info should you want it.




  • #rustlang - posts about the Rust programming language
  • #mio - posts about Metal IO (mio) and async IO


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Past talks I have given.



A multi-echo server built on mio.


A pure rust library for generating Hal responses.


A more performant version of the selecta scoring algorithm.


Parse the `/proc/net/softnet_stat` file into something more readable.