Herman J. Radtke III

I am a sociologist turned full stack engineer turned VP of Engineering at Nordstromrack.com | HauteLook in downtown Los Angeles. At one point, I designed and built most of the hypermedia API that drives the Nordstromrack.com | HauteLook website and mobile applications. I write PHP during the day at work and am a Rustacean at night. I spent a past life writing a lot of C and used that knowledge to help maintain the pecl/memcache and pecl/gearman extensions. I find myself with a renewed interest in systems programming, especially async IO.

Outside of technology, I enjoy homebrewing, hiking, camping and reading.

I also organize the Rust Log Angeles Meetup. Come join us if you are in the LA area and want to meet other people who are using Rust.




  • #rustlang - posts about the Rust programming language
  • #mio - posts about Metal IO (mio) and async IO


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Past talks I have given.



A multi-echo server built on mio.


A pure rust library for generating Hal responses.


A more performant version of the selecta scoring algorithm.